GCs in diversity warning to law firms

In-house lawyers wave buying-power stick in push to increase diversity and inclusion in la

07 Feb 2019 | In-house

The new justice economy

Can you afford to ignore online dispute resolution? Tim Wallis is not s

12 Sep 2017 | In-house

Responsiveness the most important factor for in-house counsel

In-house lawyers seek knowledge and awareness over price when instructing external la

15 May 2017 | In-house

Notes of professional privilege

The ramifications of RBS Rights Issue Litigation are troubling to in-house lawyers, explains Emil

28 Mar 2017 | In-house

How can GCs drive value and innovation?

A move away from the traditional law firm delivery model may be necessary, writes Dan

23 Mar 2017 | In-house

Monsters in corporate governance

Even from an unlikely source, in-house lawyers can learn a thing or two about corporate governance and whistleblowing, writes Harr

02 Mar 2017 | In-house

Bundle and tap

It will take more than bundling legal services to tap into the elusive unmet needs market, says Jean-Yve

20 Jan 2017 | In-house

SRA presses on with solicitors in unregulated businesses

Reform will ensure quality of advice while making legal services mor

19 Jan 2017 | In-house

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